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I have been in the RPHS Drumline for three years now graduating as a senior. I started

my Sophomore year when the Kingsmen Thunder Drumline was created. After many meetings,

discussions, and emails we finally had a rehearsal schedule. We met once a week for about two

hours. We were trained in all fields of musicianship, from counting to sight reading, relaxed

playing to strict discipline. The level of music became harder, and the growth we displayed

showed our readiness to play it. Our musical growth didn’t stop in the drumline either, the band

director, Mr. Wilson, continually comments on the quality of musicians in the percussion section-

-creating the drumline each time. The Drumline has provided a creative outlet for my “extra

energy,” and has shaped my love for music. Through my three years in the the line I have build

relationships with fellow peers that share the same passion for music I have, creating lifelong

memories with the closest people in my life. Drumline has given me the attention I needed as an

energetic, growing musician and person; without my experiences in the line I would not be

where I am today as a musician, and most importantly a person.

The three years the drumline has been around, we have done many “mini tours,” (as we

like to call them) around the community. One of our biggest goals as a line is to help the

community, that has helped us so much, in anyway we can. The drumline has been requested

to play at a retirement community, local schools, businesses, and more. The line has helped

draw a crowd for local businesses while providing entertainment. When touring to local schools

the line provides musical education for the the youth--hopefully musically inspiring lessons--of

local schools. Each tour was always looked forward to, creating excitement in the community

and creating a goal for the members in the line.

"In less than two years my son has grown in leaps and bound. Rene works so well with the kids the growth has not only been musically but socially. He is more outgoing and expressive than he used to be. His knowledge and excitement is so much he has recruited his younger brother to join the RPHS Drumline this year has well. Now they both are so excited about music and it makes a parent proud hearing them talk about their time at practice and performances."

"Lessons with you were worth every minute, as I feel more confident and know more theory than ever.  And, as I said before, each lesson make playing easier, compared to my childhood experience of every lesson making playing seem harder."

"Rene has been a wonderful drum teacher to our son. She is patient, understanding, kind, and knowledgeable. Her  teaching style has influenced our son immensely; he loves Rene's enthusiasm and bubbly personality. She is creative, energetic, and caters to the individual needs of every child. Rene walks around with a smile on her face at all times. Her love of music radiates through her pores and influences her students. She improvises on the spot if needed, and encourages kids to try out numerous instruments even during one lesson to help them get a better understanding of a certain beat or style. We are fortunate to have had her as our son's drum teacher."

'Rene creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to learn'

Rene Jarmer is the kind of teacher you hope you will find for your child...very professional, but at the same time fun. Her knowledge of music is at the top of her field and she is wonderful at relaying what she knows to students of any age. Many thanks to Rene for doing what she does so well!

Rene is a fantastic teacher!  She has not only taught my son drumming but a love for all types of music.

'After just 1 lesson I noticed a difference in my son's posture and play on the drums!  Rene is a true professional, yet can fully relate and communicate to teenagers.  We are thrilled with the growth in our son.'

In a very short amount of time, Rene Jarmer has given my daughter the chops, and confidence to play at and above expectations of kids her age.   Rene is also in possession of the holy grail of what makes a great teacher- the right combination of discipline and motivation combined with story telling and fun to keep the kids wanting more.

Rene brings out the music in every child. In just one year of working with Rene, my son grew not only as a talented musician, but emerged from his shy shell to be a leader and friend to his band mates. Rene is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher and musician. 

He really truly is generally shy and introverted - you wouldn't know it for the most part now! Thank goodness! Thanks for all you do!

I really appreciate everything you do for your students, John included. You are providing such an amazing service to the community and I'm so happy John has had the opportunity to learn from you.
Thank you, René

"René's passion for drumming shines through in every lesson.  She's been an inspiration to our son and to us!"

"When I was 6, I tried to take piano lessons in large groups. However, I found that it was not as enjoyable at the time as listening to it was for me. Fast forward 9 years, and I decided to give it another shot but in a smaller setting, and soon found myself enjoying myself on the piano like I wanted to when I was 6. I like playing on the piano because it calms me, and I just really like classical music, particularly the piano. And Rene is really the reason behind that because of the way she teaches me to play the piano because she makes me more confident in my ability to play and sets up the lessons in a way that is very efficient, and gives just the right amount of practice so that even if you don't write down how long you were practicing, it is very noticeable."

Rene has touched our family in very peculiar ways. 

My 12 year old daughter who has decided that trumpet and drumming was her thing, has come from a very quiet girl to a very energetic, ready to show that girls can hit the drums and keep rhythm just as well as any boy can. She has found in Rene a role model not only as a drummer but also a strong passionate woman that lives life with her sticks on her hands!
On the other hand, my 15 year old boy loves classical music. At age 6 we signed him up  to attend a music school that offered piano classes for children in groups of eight, soon my son found himself frustrated and withdrawn. We had to stop attending music lessons as it turned out to be not a good experience. Now with Rene, he has found the love for the instrument, for the pleasure to just play. With Rene's caring and professional ways of teaching my son finally is learning to play piano for the love of playing, he practices because playing helps him relax and brings him joy!
Rene goes beyond teaching and tries to connect with her students at a personal level, she is sweet, caring but also has high expectations for each of her students, as she says, she does expect a lot from them "always with a smile". I wish we would met her years ago! Thank you Rene! You are and awesome music teacher!
And I mean it!
My son Kaleb was fortunate enough to participate in the Kingsmen Thunder Drum Line for several years under the direction of Rene’ Jarmer.  Mrs. Jarmer took a personal interest in ensuring my son was exploring his potential in several areas, from sight reading materials, technique development and field movement.  When she saw my son needing to focus on a particular aspect, she worked those elements into group training, so that other students needing to perfect those techniques would benefit equally.
I’ve seen Rene’ put much of her outside life on hold to better her students’ lives. The Kingsmen Thunder Drum Line is a testament to her dedication, and I know for a fact that it enriched my son’s development and furthered his passion for not only Drum corps, but also teamwork and group/community development.

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  • René's busy drumming, teaching, performing, see schedule
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