Stolen Drum recovered!

OK, so who remembers back in Feb. 2011 a couple of Marching Snares belonging to Rex Putnam's drum line that I direct getting stolen from my car?  Remember how angry I was and how I got on KGW news and they did a fantastic story?  Also remember how the community came together and donated over $3,000 in funds so we could get new snare drums?  Well.  Shortly after the theft, I stalked Craig's list and located a snare drum at A-1 Pawn in Gresham.  The police retrieved it.  Good job Rene'.  And yes, I WILL pat myself on the back for that because I was the one checking all the time (probably OCD-like).  


Well, last week I checked Craig's List again for the second drum and "BOOM".  There it was, with a nice picture displaying the serial number and everything.  So I called the owner, feigned naive female drummer stereo-type and got the serial number, name, address and everything of where the drum was.  Guy said a friend gave it to him for helping him move.  He was asking $200.  These drums are unique.  To replace, for snare, harness, and case it is $400 new.  No small chunk of change in a climate that is cutting music funding at schools not adding or supporting (another bog topic for later!).  So after almost arguing with the Portland Police, who by the way insisted I meet them in Portland, not Milwaukie, I finally got him to ask his supervisor to go get the damn drum.  I was surprised by how grumpy this particular officer was.  But he did go get it, and to my surprise, he called me about 30 minutes later and asked me to go back to our coffee shop location in Portland so he could get me the drum.  

Justice was served!  I thanked the officer profusely (by the way, my coffee shop friends were a little surprised by how unwilling and surly this particular officer was).  I have nothing but high respect for our law enforcement, but he was obviously having a bad day or needed more friends or whatever.....

Come to find out the guy's friend who gave the drum to him (the Craig's list person didn't know it was stolen...he says) said his friend was in JAIL FOR ID THEFT AND FRAUD.  Yes!  Crime doesn't pay and tenacious people like me will hunt you down.  

So I shamelessly congratulate myself for tirelessly checking Craig's List for over a year to get stolen drums back for my kids.  When it hurts kids, I definitely made the damn lemonade.  You kinda have to do that these days.  Don't give up.  As a musician, if I gave up every time someone said I sucked or wasn't good enough or whatever, I would never be where I am now.  By the way, I still strive to get better, because there is always someone better than you.

In closing, don't ever ever steal from me.  I never tire to see things put right and that goes for many levels and many meanings.

Have a great day and stay in school kids!