Updating the drum studio and other things

Well, I haven't blogged for awhile.  It's been a crazy year.  I am busier than ever teaching private drum and piano students, directing Rex Putnam's KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line (year 6 and going!), and performing in musical theaters for several shows.  I've also had a year that through me for a loop:  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am one of the lucky ones though.  It was caught early and very small, NOT in the lymph nodes.  So I had two lumpectomies and radiation treatment and the support of all my lovely friends, my husband and son, and my wonderful students.  Telling them all was difficult.  With younger students, I told the parents and let them decide what to share.  Eventually, my being tired after all the surgeries and treatments began to show.  But I must say how wonderful everyone was in supporting me.  So now that I am "cancer-free" (I'll always be looking over my shoulder of course) I can get back to what I love:  playing and teaching drums and piano.  


The drum studio needed updating, so I'm pleased to announce that new lighting, paint, carpet, and decor (going with funky modern) will be a fresh outlook and help me and my students be in an organized and inspiring environment for learning.  I'm also slightly raising my rates, registering my students, and providing more practice parent support materials to ensure higher success rate in progress.  While I'm not 100 percent back to my full energy level, I am energized about moving forward.  I am blessed to have had a waiting list for my services for over a year (meaning that at no time am I worried about filling a spot, there seems to be calls almost every week or month and very little turnover).  So moving on, I will be blogging more and writing more.  Hope you like the new look and pics!  I was lucky to keep my hair with my battle with cancer.  I am grateful to be here and will continue to rock on!  


Love and sparkles,  Rene'