Keeping busy with diversity

So I haven't blogged in awhile.  I've been trying to keep busy.  Let me list the ways I try to make my living as a musician/teacher:


Teaching Drums:  I love teaching all things drums/drumset/all styles and levels to my private students.  Been doing it for over 25 years now.  


Teaching Piano:  I also love teaching piano and have a nice little gaggle of students.  

Teaching Rex Putnam HS Drum Line (KINGSMEN THUNDER):  I'm just starting year 5 and really like the students I have so far.  I usually get around 8-10 students and the drum line is wildly popular as we play at the schools in and out of the district, local events, and the drum line represents the community.

Professional Drums in musical theatre:  This is something I've done on and off for the last 10 years, but in the last couple of years, I've been fortunate to get alot more calls for this.  I get to play with some of the best PDX musicians, read lots of music, and be in the musical theatre environment (usually in a sort of orchestra pit).  Last year, I played It's A Wonderful Life at PCPA downtown Portland, RENT in Vancouver at Clark College, Putnam Co. Spelling Bee with New Century Players Theatre Group, and Ari Maria at Triangle Productions.  Last year I got to do Hairspray with New Century, and Andrews Brothers at Broadway Rose Theatre in Tigard.  

Recording:  I occasionally get asked to record drum tracks on people's projects.  I was recorded on a Canadian singer-songwriter's song (a kind of folky-latin groove thing).

Weddings/Events:  I play piano at these.  Classical to piano versions of Red Hot Chili Pepper tunes.  Whatever the couples want!

Gigs with my band Here Comes Everybody:  This is my other baby (I have a 7-year old boy Emerson).  HCE has been around since 1986.  We aren't gigging alot, but I hope to change that.  We're recording another CD and hope to release next Spring.

Clinics in schools:  PPS, N. Clackamas areas and Gladstone.


Okaaaaay!  So with the HUGE exception of my own music, which is only an occasional money-maker (it's mostly a money sucking machine), this is what I must do to make a living at music.  I ALSO WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.  I love what I do.  I truly like my students and their families.  I also feel the return-love from at least most of them (unless I'm pushing them to another level....then I feel the tension of their growth).  Sometimes, it's feast (full student load and musicals going at one time) and sometimes it's FAMINE.  Which is not good because I have chosen to do this for a living and baby needs new shoes (the 7-year old one).  I recently toyed with the idea of dabbling in real estate.  But have decided to grow my own business of music instead.  It just wouldn't be fair to my students, not to mention my family to put another iron in the fire that may potentially take me away from what I am called to do.


So I will be looking at ways to grow my teaching business.  I did get a beautiful new A-Frame sign (which is actually working!).  While I have backed off on any kind of extreme rate hike, there will be a slight one for new drum students just coming on starting Sept. 3rd. 2013.  We'll see how this year shapes up!  I hope to gig more with my band and will start booking them for next summer's festivals and outdoor concert series.  

So look for me, refer me, buy local music and check out HERE COMES EVERYBODY.  BECAUSE A MUSIC TEACHER WHO WALKS THE TALK IS MORE VALUABLE THAN ONE WHO SIMPLY GRINDS THROUGH.  I am looking forward to a wonderful musical year!  I will also be performing in the It's A Wonderful Life musical again this holiday.  Hope you can come and check it out!


Love and sparkles,


Rene' Ormae-Jarmer