Finding Balance, Making a Living

Hi all,


It's been awhile!  I don't know how many folks are reading this, but it's just a check in.  I have been very busy doing this teaching, performing, recording, musician for a living thing.  It's tough (insert whine here).  It is possible to make a living doing music, but in order to do so, one must be diverse.  I am that person.  Here's what I do in my purely musical professional life:

Teach drums, Piano, record with others, write songs, direct a Drum Line (huge time commitment), fundraise & grant write for drum line, play weddings and events, consult band directors and do clinics in schools, perform in musical theatre gigs, give recitals for my students and perform at them, freelance all kinds of gigs from recording to improv, to jazz, reading charts etc.  I blog for Tom Tom Magazine,, and am a full time music advocate.  

So balancing that with my personal life:  mom, wife, cancer survivor, caregiver to an aging parent, pet rescue advocate and owner, involved community member.....THAT IS TOUGH STUFF. 


Finding the  time to be an effective teacher and human is a balancing act.  I am striving to find it.  However, I love what I do.  My students are my teachers and inspiration, and my son and family are something I am eternally grateful for.  


So as I move forward with a very busy studio:  30 students and a constant wait list (for over 3 years), I am grateful.  Hey it's Thanksgiving, so there you go.  Keep practicing, but take a break too!  stay in touch.  Let me know if you read my blog spew.  xo xo