2021 update

Hey all,  It's been a minute.  Boy what a year.  Lots of things have changed in the last year.

COVID:  Yes, I had to switch my entire studio to Zoom online. It was challenging, but I figured it out and even folks who were skeptical at first ended up returning.  Those who didn't were replaced by new students.  I am now again at almost capacity at 28 drum, mallet, piano students of varying levels.  Very strict protocols for teaching in person have been in place.  At first, it was strictly online.  Now as of March 2021, I'll be fully vaccinated since I work in the schools as a drum line director.

PARENTING:  After my then 14 year old had his first real girlfriend experience at the beginning of the pandemic, it was a roller coaster ride of toxic crazy teenage puppy love.  I'm sooooo glad it's over and my son can focus on his drumming.  He is studying with the best in the country now and will be auditioning for DCI drum corps (already has done a couple).  I'm very proud of him.  The pandemic has a few silver linings.  We became closer as mother and son, and as drummers.  We regularly pad out and now he wants piano lessons again.  Cool.  Mom win there.

My MOM:  At 88 and due to the pandemic isolating many elderly, my mom passed away on Dec. 4th.  This was extremely painful for my family.  Luckily, she wasn't alone and it was fairly quick.  If you are reading this and a musician, thank your parents.  I would be nowhere without my mom and dad's support in music.  RIP mama.  Love you.

DRUMLINE:  Boy it has been a shit show.  First in Spring 2020 the Rex Putnam HS Winter Indoor Percussion had it's season cancelled.  We were winning first place again too!  We had to make lemonade and I started virtual in August 2020 and we only just as of March 2021 were able to rehearse outside in person.  The age-old argument of how the school district treats athletics vs. arts is alive and well!  Definitely double standards and I definitely have decided to be more vocal about advocating for my program (after 13 years and award-winning etc).  Grant writing continues with success.  Although, I kinda resent that I've had to become a good grant writer to support this wildly popular program.  Folks are starting to notice, so now some admin is starting to advocate.  We'll see....It's for the kids and the best youth development ever.  I love drum line.  It keeps my chops up and adds some credibility to what I do.  LOVE. LOVE LOVE.

GIGS/RECORDINGS:  I had the honor of working with John Neff, (David Lynch's music producer for all his 8 films, Journey Recording Engineer, and bassist for Steppin' Wolf).  Drumming on Christie Josef's album was super fun and I'm slated to sing some backups.

HERE COMES EVERYBODY is releasing "Unfinished Business" a collection of previously recorded music that deserved to be unleashed into the world.  Go to CDbaby and buy it or to the herecomeseverybody website.  GET IT.  It's dropping April 2, 2021.  


As things get back to a new normal, keep practicing, and keep music in your life.  Peace peeps.